The G-Force 150

The G-Force 150 (Patent Pending) is a Top Fuel Drag Race Simulator that integrates the acceleration of a roller coaster (creating an actual and sensational g-Force experience) with the principles of simulator rides (including audio, visual and olfactory senses) This is the first ride to combine the forward accelerating g-Force experience with real footage from a drag strip race on front and side screens and simultaneously offer driver's control over reaction time.


The G-Force 150 is one of the most unique and exciting entertainment experiences available anywhere in the world. As the name implies, the theme is to allow patrons the opportunity to experience the actual acceleration, deceleration, and G-Forces experienced by the drivers of Top Fuel funny cars. At the same time Racing Attractions, LLC wants its patrons to experience all of the sensations, whether visual or psychological that real racers experience.

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You approach the car with some apprehension, and the pit crew assists you into the car. As your harness is tightened you look around the track and see the grandstands full of cheering spectators. With your pit crew out of the way, the car is rolled slowly into position along- side your opponent---- your heart is pounding , your stomach has “butterflies”. The lights flash yellow….GREEN. You punch the gas pedal and the car lunges forward with an explosive roar as if shot out of a cannon. Your body is pinned to your seat. The stands and billboards fly by in a blur. You catch a glimpse of your speedometer as it shoots through 100 miles per hour and still climbing. As you cross the finish line ,your body is pushed forward hard against your harness as the car jerks to a stop. The radar clocked you at 300 miles per hour. Your time has set the tack record for the day, and you are tied for 10th all time. Your legs are shaking as the pit crew helps you out of your car. The rush of the last few seconds has left you speechless. You have just experienced the G-Force 150 Top Fuel Funny Car ride.

The G-Force Simulator ride is intended to simulate with near perfect accuracy the experience of driving a Top Fuel funny car on a real track. The term “Top Fuel” is a designation given to those cars that burn nitrous oxide gas as a fuel. They are the fastest dragsters on the circuit. The ride layout consists of one track, with a “car” that simulates in every detail a Top Fuel funny car. The car will carry up to nine anxious racers. Spectators and potential customers, will view the track, the car, and watch in awe as the car is shot down the track.

This G-Force uniquely integrates the simulator ride experience with the thrill of a first class roller coaster The ability to record driver reaction time within the simulator, the simulation of a real life drag strip in perfect combination with the breathtaking G Force’s is an experience that no other company has been able to offer to patrons.